Package owl.ltl

Class Biconditional

    • Constructor Detail

      • Biconditional

        public Biconditional​(Formula leftOperand,
                             Formula rightOperand)
    • Method Detail

      • of

        public static Formula of​(Formula leftOperand,
                                 Formula rightOperand)
        Construct a LTL-equivalent formula for (leftOperand)<->(rightOperand). The method examines the operands and might choose to construct a simpler formula. However, the size of the syntax tree is not increased. In order to syntactically construct (leftOperand)<->(rightOperand) use the constructor.
        leftOperand - The left operand of the biconditional
        rightOperand - The right operand of the biconditional
        a formula equivalent to (leftOperand)<->(rightOperand)
      • not

        public Formula not()
        Description copied from class: Formula
        Syntactically negate this formula.

        If this formula is in NNF, the returned negation will also be in NNF.

        Specified by:
        not in class Formula
        the negation of this formula.
      • temporalStep

        public Formula temporalStep​(BitSet valuation)
        Description copied from class: Formula
        Do a single temporal step. This means that one layer of X-operators is removed and literals are replaced by their valuations.
        Specified by:
        temporalStep in class Formula
      • leftOperand

        public Formula leftOperand()
      • rightOperand

        public Formula rightOperand()