Class NbaLangInclusions

  • public final class NbaLangInclusions
    extends Object
    This class glues available algorithms that can underapprox. or compute NBA language inclusions to the determinization procedure, which can use (a part of) the pairs for optimizations.
    • Method Detail

      • getQuotientable

        public static Set<NbaLangInclusions.SimType> getQuotientable()
        The following ones are safe for performing a naive quotient using provided equivalences.
      • getNbaAccPseudoSinks

        public static <S> Set<S> getNbaAccPseudoSinks​(Automaton<S,​? extends BuchiAcceptance> aut)
        Returns set of states with accepting loops on any symbol (i.e. on [t] marked with {0}). Such states are universally accepting and hence this is a simple language inclusion to exploit.