Class NbaAdjMat<S>

  • public final class NbaAdjMat<S>
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • NbaAdjMat

        public NbaAdjMat​(Automaton<S,​? extends BuchiAcceptance> automaton,
               <S,​Integer> sMap,
                         Set<S> aSinks,
                         owl.translations.nbadet.SubsumedStatesMap extIncl)
    • Method Detail

      • stateMap

        public<S,​Integer> stateMap()
      • states

        public BitSet states()
      • powerSucc

        public Pair<BitSet,​BitSet> powerSucc​(BitSet state,
                                                   BitSet valuation)
        Optimized successor function for a fixed valuation. It uses the provided accepting sinks and language inclusions to modify/shrink the result.
        state - current set of states
        valuation - active transition
        all successors + successors reached by at least one accepting edge